Saturday, April 26, 2008


The twins, Liz and I all went to the school carnival last night and had a lot of fun! Zacheus and Ruth got a lot of prizes. One of which was a pizza from the new Sam and Loui's in Elkhorn so guess what was for dinner last night.... pizza!

They have this one event called treasure jars. Each student has to bring a treasure jar filled for the carnival. Ruth got a water bottel filled with chocolate skittles, Zacheus got a bowl filled with microwave popcorn, boxed M&M's and snack. Perfect for a movie. When they went in to pick their prize I seen the little "sweet shop" house shown below in the photo and it was filled with sucer. I HAD to have it for the store so mom played too! hee hee We always give out suckers to the kids and sometimes mom and dads too. It is adorable and even has a cupcake on the side of it.

I also bid on a bunch of silent auctions which the one I want most was an auction for a window from "World of Windows" in Omaha. I have needed a new kitchen window for about 10 years. :)
They called last night to say I won 6 auctions but she did not have the paperwork to tell which ones they were as they got locked in the school. I will be on the edge of my seat until Monday.

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